Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a hot topic in the tech industry. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are superheated topics in the technology industry. Yes, there is a difference between AI and ML. Actually, Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that supports AI to the successive level.

AI is all around, from gaming stations to keeping complicated information at work.

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AI Artificial Intellegence

Different Types of AI

Artificial Narrow Intelligence
Artificial Narrow Intelligence

It enables smooth machine-to-machine communications for the most efficient execution of several tasks that remain in sync.

Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial General Intelligence

It is a transparent digital ledger that helps to store details that are immutable with its decentralized access.

Artificial Super Intelligence
Artificial Super Intelligence

This lets the platform store the digital assets in a secure way where the content is separated and stored in various blocks.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are not the exact things, if you’re scrutinizing to construct a narrow AI the easy way, machine learning can be used to make it easy. ML can be applied to solve challenging problems like credit card fraud detection, face detection and recognition as well as enabling self-driving cars.

Machine Learning

Types of Machine Learning

AI supervised
Supervised learning

The machine knows under supervision with this type of learning. They learn by feeding labeled data (data that has been tagged with one or more labels. As a example, an image is labeled as a book) and explicitly telling that this is the input of a book and obviously the predicted output should be book too.

AI General
Unsupervised learning

In this type of learning, the machine has no control while learning. An algorithm decides the data pattern on its own. They are fed unlabeled data. As an example, any kind of article. Various recommendation systems are seen on the web using this learning. They learn from the user’s actions and anticipate the output.

Reinforcement learning
Reinforcement learning

Machines are qualified in this learning process to make judgments to accomplish their purpose in difficult circumstances. It is similar to an understanding with trial and error. Just like human beings learn from their mistakes, machines learn by creating mistakes or such errors. For example, when an algorithm learns to play a video game that has several kinds of obstacles.

AI is Changing our World for the Better

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