Why Owning A Website Is A Must For Small Businesses?
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According to the World Bank group study, there are around 25 to 30 million formal Small and medium-sized enterprises and 285 to 345 million informal enterprises.

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Among these several million of small and medium enterprises working around the world at present, around 46% of the SMBs have no website for their businesses. These statistics came out highly disturbing when the percentage is turned into numbers.

But, Why Small Businesses Are Reluctant To Have A Website?

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  • They think a website is not relevant to their business or industry.
  • The cost of a website seems too high.
  • They use social media profiles for their online presence instead of a website.
  • They consider a monitory need for ongoing maintenance.
  • There is a lack of technical knowledge.

A website cannot be replaced either through offline marketing or through social media platforms.

The small businesses have to create a positive impact on the mindset of their online targets and here comes the need of a website to inform about their business details. Owning a website can be fruitful to small businesses in the multiple following ways:

Establishing Unique Impression

The kind of unique impression that your business can create over your visitors and prospects through a website is unmatchable. It reveals the true objective of your business; informs them about the business and establishes an authentic impression, thus grabbing their attention.

And here’s how you can design your customized website that’ll make the most out of it!

No Website Means Loss Of Business

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51% of owners perceive websites as a top 10 marketing tool used by Small Businesses: WASP, 2016

Mobile and internet have become the heart and soul of every individual in this technologically-driven era and thus, if you have no website, it could simply mean that you are losing on numerous business opportunities. 84% People prefer to value and trust more on businesses with websites over the one that hasn’t.

Enhancing Online Visibility

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The virtual world is full of wonderful prospects and a great scope of development for your business. Now, you need to know how to tap the potential of this platform. A website increases your online visibility and helps you to survive the tough tide of competition in the market. While searching online, when your website appears in the search result, the chances of potential prospects reaching out to you increases significantly.

Control Over SERPs

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Search Engine Ranking is something that every business competes for. While your social signals might help you to appear somewhere in the search result, your website guarantees your presence in the SERPs. Google too, prefers businesses with an optimized website and caters to drive traffic to them.

The Google Panda Update 2016 has especially stressed upon eradicating low value contents from the SERP list and one of the most prominent decisive factors of content’s authority is the website’s quality.

Serves as Another Marketing Tool

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A website gives you a marketing tool that you can use as per your convenience and can announce your latest offers, discounts or business objectives through the platform. It serves as a great platform or marketing channel that gains your marketing efforts and enhances your probability of increasing your website’s traffic.

Making You Easily Accessible

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Your physical store might get closed after a certain hour and your customers will simply have to go back home without being able to make a purchase from you that they had decided. Having a website for your business makes them feel that your business is at their fingertips and can be accessed anytime they need or want to.

Develops Your Business’ Credibility

A website not only announces your presence but it also earns your business the credibility and authenticity that you need. It breaks down the outer wall of your business and allows your visitors and customers to take a sneak peek of your business. This can take your business’ performance from sand to sky and can contribute to its brilliant growth.

A well built-up, customized website is a must-have element for your business. Take full advantage of this platform and use it to the core to establish a strong reputation for your business in this competitive market.