Why Facebook Adverts Are Better Than Google Ads For Ecommerce Businesses?
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Ecommerce businesses are flourishing explicitly and every country around the world is experiencing tremendous growth and development in terms of the revenue that is gained by them through this sector.

Struggling to capitalize and leverage the digital marketing audience and a large number of who are running out from the sales funnel of the enterprise, the businesses are using and preferring Facebook adverts.

The interest of people in online shopping has augmented at a significant rate. With more than 2 billion users around the world and millions of businesses, big and small, joining the Facebook platform to connect with real people on a real-time basis, the scope of enhancing the business prospect through this platform is incredible.

Latest Ecommerce Trends To Keep In Mind:

  • 67% Millennials and 56% of Gen X population prefer online shopping over in-store shopping.
  • Millennials and Gen X spend nearly 50% more time on shopping online every week, than their older counterparts.
  • It’s reported that Men and women both spend around 5 hours per week shopping online.
  • 20% of online shoppers would be likely to make a purchase from Facebook.
  • Men make more purchase through Facebook than woman (23% vs. 17%).
  • 29% of online shoppers would be likely to follow a brand on Facebook.
  • 51% of Millennials would be likely to make a purchase over social media.
  • 29% of Millennials and Gen Xers would likely to make a purchase through Facebook if provided with the option.

Best Ecommerce Advertising Platforms:

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2u7y44j Image Source- http://bit.ly/2vb9Mn6 The ecommerce entrepreneurs have a number of marketing and advertising platforms available to them. Among the several options available, the ecommerce businesses generally consider and prefer Google and Facebook as the best advertising platforms.

The purpose of using these platforms is to grab the attention of the users or prospects with their top-of-funnel activities. It lures the potential customers and enables them to align their goals to expand their market base excellently.

Deciding on which advertising platform is ideal for your ecommerce business can be a daunting task. Both the platform has its own benefits and excellent advantages, which can confuse you about the ideal advertising channel for your business.

Let’s explore the various categories of benefits of advertising on both these platforms that would help you to make your decision and reap excellent benefits:

1. Targeting:

For every business, targeting the right audience is extremely beneficial. Both, Facebook and Google, offer the targeting options:

Targeting With Facebook Ads:

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2tLOMU9Facebook Adverts have come up with some incredible and excellent range of targeting options to make life simpler for the marketers. It allows you to set up ads according to the particular age, gender, group, interest, location or other factors which your brand or business aims to target. The marketers even have the liberty to set up ads according to the mailing list, create a list and more customized options. You can even create varied ads to reach different segments of audiences and meet your business objectives.

Targeting With Google Ads:

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2vbKV2gGoogle Ads work differently than that of Facebook ones. It requires specific keyword scheme, selection and particular business bid on industry oriented keywords in order to grab the attention of your specified target audience. It is with the selection of keywords that your business will get the chance to be displayed when someone search for the specific keyword, you have selected.

2. Cost Involved:

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2ucGszkThe costing of Facebook and Google ads is definitely one of the most important points to consider. Not every ecommerce business has a huge market or large business, which definitely enhances their concern for the investment involved in advertising.

Cost Of Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads in general are much cost-efficient and pocket-friendly than the ads on Google. The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad involves around $0.45. It provides you the liberty to reach thousands of people, including relevant target audience for your business, even with a small budget involved. Facebook also provide different bidding options which include Cost Per thousand Impression or CPM and Cost Per Action or CPA. It simple results in gaining potentially more exposure through varied ad types with less cost involved.

Cost Of Google Ads:

Google Adwords is an expensive form of marketing as compared to Facebook. But, it provides an extremely competitive category for the businesses. The cost of search marketing or display marketing on Google varies a lot. However, being expensive, it is not opted by every market players from the ecommerce industry.

3. Conversion Rate:

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2knGbpA Image Source- http://bit.ly/2uqCmUsThe conversion rate of the business is what matters the most. It’s great to have million or billion of reach but, it is all in vain if you experience low conversion rate.

Conversion Rate of Facebook Ads:

According to various studies conducted, the click through rate or CTR for Facebook ads is 0.04% for side bars, whereas it is 2.09% for the news feed ads. There have been several instances where people have experienced an average up to a 7% CTR through newsfeed ads of Facebook. The numbers may not sound too good for your ears, but if done in the right way, the Facebook ads can yield excellent results of business.

Conversion Rate of Google Adwords:

The average CTR of the first four ads on Google Adwords on an average is 3.6%, whereas the first ad stands up to 7%. Compared to Facebook, of course these numbers are clearly high. But the fact here that you need to note is that Google Ads target people who are already interested, whereas Facebook also ensures to target people who haven’t seen your product or your business before.

4. Increased Exposure Of Your Business:

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2tdfNhsExposure of your business through advertisement is your main objective. Nobody likes to serve only to a specific group of people all throughout their journey. Business is all about expansion and expansion is done only through quality exposure that is guaranteed by the advertising.

Exposure through Facebook:

The rate of exposure through Facebook is very high. It is an ideal platform for a business to generate awareness of a brand. Having a wonderful base of users throughout the world, this is an ideal platform that attracts brilliant and excellent number of people. It exposes your business to every group of individuals, be it your target audience or not. In case the person is not your target audience, there is scope that the exposure will help the person to share your business details to their contacts who are interested in your products or services. With around 2 billion active users and over 800 million daily users, it offers you the right kind of platform for enlarged exposure.

Exposure through Google Adwords:

The Google Adwords have a specific way of reaching out to their target audiences. They will bring your business in search result, only when someone will search for keywords you have selected in your campaign. Sometimes with the use of keyword variables too, the searchers can reach out to your business if they use varied search terms, which are closely associated with your selected keywords. However, this option is available only if you have not selected the exact keyword option in your campaign.

5. Track Performance And Improved ROI

For every entrepreneur, it is necessary that they have a clear idea about how their advertisement is performing in the market and which advertisement is attracting more business for them. In such cases, tracking the performance and measuring ROI is highly essential.

Tracking Performance And ROI Through Facebook:

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2uhztWvFacebook consist an essential feature of providing insight of your advertisement and business page. It helps you to analyze the reasons, which would contribute to improve business performance and serve as a powerful tool for them. The performance metrics can be easily gauged through this platform. It presents to you a clear idea of the number of times your ad was seen, the demographics who visited your ad, the number of actions or clicks people took on the ad and the similar information, essential for your business.

Tracking Performance And ROI Through Google Adwords:

Image Source- http://selnd.com/2sPl9jAGoogle Adwords do allow you to track the performance and ROI of your advertisement. But many times it becomes too vast information for the laymen and the entrepreneurs to interpret the analytics. It is simpler to interpret the analytics in Facebook than Adwords.

Conclusion- It’s Time To Start Advertising On Facebook!

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2tLUWDPFacebook has proved its exclusive, quick and huge impact over the market. It also provides you with rewards that are well worth the investment that you put in. It has emerged as a powerful marketing tool for enhancing your brand awareness around the globe among varied demographics. Many entrepreneurs have also agreed that using Facebook Adverts is easy to understand and interpret as compared to Google.

With the use of Facebook Adverts, your ecommerce business can reach to the apex of the market by leveraging the following features:

  • Accurate audience targeting.
  • Low cost involved.
  • High conversion rate.
  • Increased exposure of your business.
  • Track performance and improved ROI.

It’s time that you start leveraging the presence of one of the most popular social media profiles of the world and indulge in experiencing the wonderful prospects waiting for you online.