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The Showstopper: E-COMMERCE & CMS


Days are gone when E-commerce was limited to only giant B to Bs and you and I were scared if the online ordered product will reach to us ultimately or not.
E-commerce does not only limit to ‘B to B’ or ‘B to C’ transactions but now it has grown into a multi-way commercial transactional route through the internet. Any transaction across the industries of commerce, business data or other information comes from E-commerce.

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Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) has coined this hybrid web management system developed from WCM (Web Content Management) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) for the unforeseen growth of your company.
This Web-Based Content Management System allows access to multiple users and admin with different access levels to edit, control and manage the data or content of a website, internet/intranet application or any software development.

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You search for your favorite dress on Amazon, EBay or Shopify. You search, the site keeps searching, and it keeps searching… searching… searching… and searching… after 12 days, it’ll bring the desired result to you.
Absurd; right? Not at all!
All the e commerce sites with practically millions of products under thousands of categories and sub-categories, would have given this as the best service they can provide only if CMS will be taken off the scene!
CMS or Content Management System allows access to multiple users and admin with different access levels to edit, control and manage the data or content of a website, internet/intranet application or any software development, especially for E Commerce website.

CMS takes care of

Smother operation
Database scanning
Conversion rates
Enhanced user experience and
Overall management of the E commerce site.

Here’s why, E Commerce and CMS are BFFs:

Consistent and uninterrupted user experience with CMS
Customized CMS for mobile e-commerce service for faster response, 24/7 customer support and increased sale
Content segmentation and online commerce simultaneously performing


9 out of 10 teenagers and middle-aged gadget users use more than one computerized devices in their daily life. This was a scenario of the potential market.

And that of as a marketer?


66% of the companies who have taken their business to the online platform have admitted their expeditious growth post E-commerce and CMS introduction. And of that 66%, more than 80% have stated their 24/7 online visibility as the magic wand of their business advancement.

With more than 5 Billion of computerized device users worldwide at this moment, I’m sure you know why you need it!

You’ve 20 restaurants in your locality. You pass them all; you see them every day. Still, while ordering online, you’ll have a preference for one particular of these twenty that you’ve just found in Zomato or Swiggy.

Yes, with our experienced team of online marketers, you’re here to establish yourself at the online trading platform with your personalized e-commerce website that can assure you to stand out from your competitors.
We’re dedicated to providing you with 24/7 global online presence, cost-efficient business, high-profit margins and constant communication with clients.

It’s perhaps more important to run and manage the website properly with steady customer communication than mere developing it.

We provide highly featured Content management Software developed on various platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, magento, Drupal and Shopify.
Our auto responsive and user-friendly CMS software will automatically make changes to the system as the requirement so that every time you don’t need a technical support session.




Angular JS
Node JS



Anurag Gupta
VP of Engineering & IT, Hyperlocalizer Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia

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Our association with DCPL dates back to 2011 and they have been an important part of our business since then. The programmers are very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. They follow instructions well and stick to the deadlines provided. Overall we are extremely happy to have found such a company and look forward to continuing to work together.

Philip de Souza
Founder and President, Aurora Enterprises, Torrence, CA, United States


Aurora has engaged Dynamic Computronics Pvt. Ltd. (DCPL) for a variety of services beginning 2008. Over the last five years we have developed a close working relationship and DCPL understands our needs and working processes.

Joel Harper
UK Local TV, Bath, United Kingdom

Test 3

Excellent, kind and helpful! Can't recommend enough for going above and beyond what was required.

Adam Burella
Focused Industries, Toronto, Canada

Test 4

DCPL did a fantastic job at designing and programming an e-commerce website for my business. They were flexible and implemented all of my required changes very quickly. I let them run with the graphic design and it came out better than if I had tried to micro-manage it myself. They have excellent communication skills as well. I will definitely work with DCPL again on future projects.

Frank DeCurtis
Cybermedia Group, Canada

testi 5

Great very helpful.......Did everything as required....A+

BNS Clinic, Kolkata

testi 6

We, BNS Clinic & Healthcare Pvt Ltd, the NABL accredited Laboratory at Garia more & the only diagnostic company in India provides loan & EMI facility towards patients in need of finance for diagnostic services, at 414/1 N.S.C Bose Road, Kolkata - 700047, are very much happy with ‘DCPL TECH’ by getting an exceptional service for our digital marketing as well as website related job. Dynamic Computronics Pvt Ltd,Salt lake ,Kolkata made us really focused in our trade.

Heena Mahant (Sr. Digital Marketing Executive)
Signity, Chandigarh

testi 7

The DCPL has been very responsive and resourceful in delivering the best content. Their work on our websites and marketing platforms has made a significant difference to our business. They quickly get under the skin of every business category and come up with appropriate style and tone. They have vast experience writing for different audiences. It’s about the sense of trust and reliability I feel towards Rajib, and I think once you have this feeling for one particular service, you can easily attribute it to other services too. Completely satisfied, and can easily recommend them.

Sharmi Banerjee, Sr. Counselor Admissions
NIPS Group

testi 8

Thank you so much for the delivery of the product.
Working with your people was great and specially when we got everything on time.
Found you all very friendly and co-operative. Wish you all a very bright future.Keep up the good work


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