8 Best Website Homepage Designs With Good Website Design Examples
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The trickiest thing about the first impression is, it’s always only the first. More than 8 out of 10 people have said that they will not navigate through a website further if the website homepage design itself is not up to their expectation. Ask yourself and you are with these 8 people as well.

For any brand or any company belonging to literally any business vertical, the website homepage design is the virtual gateway to a website that implicitly speaks for your business proficiency.

So, what makes your website’s homepage design stand out amidst the manifold websites in the contemporary market?

  • A straightforward approach
  • Enough space to breath in
  • Easy navigation
  • Optimization for multiple websites

are some basic tips and tricks for a market-competitive website.


We understand, Practical examples are always better than theories.

So, here it is.

Here is a compilation of brilliant Website homepage inspiration from every corner of the virtual world, handpicked for you on the joint basis of alluring appearance and great functionality:


Why We Love IT

  • The perfect use of whitespace that you generally don’t come across that much.
  • It highlights the Medium’s logo and headline.
  • A colorful graphic breaks the monotony of whitespace while the design draws attention to the call-to-action button
  • Best home page in terms of prominent “Sign in/ Sign up” button in the header section


Why We Love IT

  • A clear distinction between the white and black section in the homepage
  • The black section includes a copy asking visitors to “Take a tour” and a Menu bar for easier navigation to other pages.
  • Social Icons are also available on the homepage to make it easier for the visitors to connect with the social platforms
  • A standard design format maintained throughout the website

Dropbox (Business)

Why We Love IT

  • A good website design example with extremely simple and effective designing
  • Automated help-chatbox is the best-added feature to this one
  • A large and relevant image included with the soft colour background that sustains professionalism yet subtlety.
  • Free trial offer has been highlighted carefully


Why We Love IT

  • A creative punch story that engages the initial attraction makes it one of the best home pages
  • Great contrast and positioning with the mail ID and calls-to-action button
  • Use of statistical punch line subtlety influencing the customers wins the game


Why We Love IT

  • Neat and clean approach with direct addressing
  • Easy site exploring options
  • Includes the destination and date search form where most of their target audience comes in search of
  • The search form auto-fills the last search of the user if they are logged in the website homepage design.
  • There is an excellent and beautiful use of whitespace.
  • Plenty of ‘user’s experience’ segments that brilliantly speaks for the site credibility while actually helping the potential customers


Why We Love IT

  • Card previews at the homepage above fold
  • Incredibly easy navigation makes it the best home page of this domain
  • Unique selling propositions added with efficiency
  • Professional content with personalized wordings


Why We Love IT

  • Clearly packs the potential messages in a smart and crisp way.
  • Clever and simple tone and proper placement of the message on the homepage
  • Against the white background, stands the sign-up form on the left and the proper message or copy on the right side of the homepage.


Why We Love IT

  • A great example of agility and constant alteration.
  • The bold and catchy headline is attractive and attention-seeking.
  • Food photography is detailed and beautiful, thus eye-catchy.
  • The background entices the taste-buds
  • The sub-head also help to redirect the visitors to the inner page.

See, we care for you!