5 Landing Page Design Examples That You Need To See In 2017
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When it comes to initiate or develop an effective marketing strategy, most of the marketers prefer to take cues from the successfully running businesses in the industry. They get the perfect idea about which strategy has worked for which company and how adopting the same can be beneficial for their business too!

The marketers examine the sales funnel of the leading and successful businesses to figure out how they inform, engage and entertain their existing and prospective customers and generate an excellent lead for their businesses. The top-of-the-funnel provides them this information, whereas, the bottom helps them to discover how they sign visitors up for a trial of their services.

As you move towards the bottom-of-the-funnel, you will realize that there are several reasons that help them to evolve and turn their visitors (leads) into buyers. This is where the landing pages play a significant role.

The size of the business doesn’t matter, small business with less visibility or a giant conglomerate of the industry, everyone is increasingly using the landing pages to accomplish their business goals and objectives.

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Landing pages are action-oriented, standalone web pages that serve the purpose of taking the website visitors to the next stage in the buying journey. It is the digital storefront for your business and acts as an individual entity for promoting and selling products of the particular business.

Although in theory, the purpose of landing page might appear to be simple enough, it requires thorough contemplation and detailed planning about creative design and testing. Regardless of what your business is selling or offering, conversion of the visitors is an essential point that you need to instigate.

As you take a look through the business, and through the market, you will realize that there is no “right way” to build a landing page. You will need to check out examples from a lot of different industries and verticals and then have to analyze what will make your visitors drool over your business.

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We have collated the top 10 landing page designs from different verticals that you need to see in 2017 and get inspired. Take a look at our list below:

1. Uber

The landing page clearly defines the objective of Uber. They are targeting the drivers and are encouraging them to sign up.

What Stands Out In This Landing Page?

  • The target audience (potential drivers) is clearly mentioned.
  • The headline communicates a clear message and a clear benefit for the target audience.
  • A simple and crisp ‘form’ makes converting on this page easy.

Why Was It Built?

The company is trying to keep up with its expanding user base. This landing page helped the company to recruit as many new employees or drivers as possible by enticing them with clearly-defined benefits.

2. Contently

The landing page justifies the use of Contently. It gives the data about content marketing through its landing page.

What Stands Out In This Landing Page?

  • Their approach to the design that fairly and simply sells their idea.
  • It provides customers with some data, and gives a preview of the platform.
  • Use of big pictures and big statements with huge font size for focusing on its heading.
  • The headline is catchy, simple and effective.

Why Was It Built?

The company tends to attract its customers and give them the idea about where they can get valuable and functional content. They clearly portrayed their function and established themselves in the market.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp doesn’t believe in messing up with things and thoughts. They clearly indicate towards their business and how their clients can achieve the best result by availing their services.

What Stands Out In This Landing Page?

  • It’s clear, white background with colorful elements and the placement of the elements gives it a subtle look.
  • The benefit of MailChimp is mentioned clearly in the heading, which has a bold and big font.
  • It also gives statistic on its landing page, in a clear and subtle tone.
  • A simple picture is used on this landing page.
  • The navigation menu and the signup button take care that the visitors can be redirected to other pages.

Why Was It Built?

It was built with the purpose of attracting businesses and entrepreneurs to avail MailChimp as their email marketing campaign platform. They evidently made it clear that by using their platform, entrepreneurs will be able to send better emails to their target audience. This landing page helped them to grab the attention of the market.

4. Lyft

Lyft has just done the perfect task of hitting the factor that will motivate the drivers: earning money easily! Focusing on its USP, Lyft has addressed its target audience ideally through this landing page.

What Stands Out In This Landing Page?

  • The background picture of this landing page is perfect with a smiling face of a lady and a car.
  • The heading of the landing page is clear, concise and attractive.
  • The “Apply Now” form is also creating a marvelous feel to the page.
  • There is a “Calculation” form that you come across and which is placed smartly.
  • Both the ways (forms) used for conversion, makes it easy for the individuals to choose their path.

Why Was It Built?

The purpose behind this landing page is to make sure that the prospective drivers can take the ideal decisions. It ideally gives perfect information for the drivers to calculate and help them to convert explicitly.

5. Shopify

When you come across the landing page of Shopify, it gives you clear and crisp information about what it does. It is pleasing to be welcomed with such a transparent thought.

What Stands Out In This Landing Page?

  • A simple background with the use of a soft color attracts individuals.
  • The headline and the main focus of the copy is Bold and have large fonts.
  • A “Start Today” button with a dark background stands apart on the landing page.

Why Was It Built?

This landing page was built for conversion. It aims to convert visitors by enticing their thoughts and by pinching their creativity. The copy shows them the path towards a successful and great business and ultimately instigates the visitor to click on the button, available there.

Want To Build An Enticing Landing Page?

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We do understand that design has to be simple but effective and it has to be optimized in a way so as to grab businesses for our clients. We prepare a design, which is seamless, captivates customer attention, plays a leading role in customer acquisition and is friendly in nature.